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Blended Family Therapy


I work with dating, pre-marital and married couples to help them to work together as parenting partners, develop skills to maintain intimacy while parenting and create a nuturing culture in the home where children feel seen and heard. I utilize the nationally leading relationship inventory and skill-building program model, PREPARE/ENRICH in my work with couples.

Family sessions and child sessions are available to families who seek additional support after foundational work is completed with the couple.


Pre-Marital Counseling

As with any engaged couple, pre-marital coaching helps identify core beliefs, set realistic expectations for marriage, plan for the future, and decide the ways in which your lives will be merged. Pre-Marital coaching for blended families takes it a step forward and helps to prepare partners to plan around how children and a possible ex partner impacts all of the formentioned areas.

***A minimum of 8 sessions are required to complete the curriculum

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is offered to step-parents and bio-parents in the blended family unit. Stepping into the step parent role can be hard for anyone, whether you have never been a parent before or have a child(dren) of your own. All blended families are merged from some sort of lost for children; whether their parents divorced or one part passed away. Due to this bonding can seem hard. Through individual therapy you can learn ways to manage your emotions and contribute to success relationships.

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Couples/Family Therapy

Couples Therapy is offered to help the couple manage conflict in their parenting, finanaces or emotional connection with one another.

Family Therapy is offered to help foster a healthy relationship between all new family members to help them to adapt to their new family unit.

What they're saying

I have met a couple of therapists throughout my life, but Dr. Briana is truly on another level. I have constantly been left with admiration in her abilities. 

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